24-7 Physical Fitness Center

Beyond Strength takes pride in its ability to offer its members 24-7 gym access to a facility that's fully equipped with the latest in strength training equipment. Our 24-7 gym and fitness center in East Aurora, NY has 2500 square feet of space, which provides ample room for members to break a sweat when they work out. The gym features free weights, weightlifting and powerlifting areas as well as all of the strongman training equipment you'll need to get exactly the workout you want.

Providing 24/7 Health & Personal Trainers

Our 24 hour fitness club has passionate personal trainers who carry a strong desire to see you achieve your personal fitness goals. Whether that's to run your next five-mile race and beat your best time or to just build a foundation of strength in your body so that you can stay as healthy as possible. The Beyond Strength Gym strives to be one of the best 24 hour fitness gyms in East Aurora.

Choosing A Quality 24 Hour Gym Facility Near Me

When you are searching for a 24-7 gym and fitness center where you can work out, you'll want to stop by the Beyond Strength Gym. Besides having the equipment that you require to have a great strength workout, we have the ability to provide help with the following:

- Forming good habits

- Setting realistic goals for your body and lifestyle

- Setting specific goals for an event

- Hold you accountable and provide encouragement at the same time

- Achieving maximum results

- A personalized training plan

- Get fitness into your busy schedule (We are open 24/7)

- Challenging you

Once you start using our gym for your strength training or fitness workouts, you'll know why our members are happy when working out in our strength and fitness center. We will be pleased to add you to our list of members so that you can start building more muscle and feel good at the same time.