Small Group Personal Training

Beyond Strength has a number of different classes to offer, all done in a small group with a trainer. You will find our classes fun, challenging, and motivational. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, training with a partner is always more fun! Perfect for all fitness & strength levels.

The Trial Class: Sweat & Smoothie Sesh!

Sweat & Smoothie Sesh (1).png

The Trial Class is an opportunity for you to check us out and for us to get to know you. This class will explain all that Beyond Strength has to offer and give you a great workout and follow up progressions. This will also be an opportunity to sign up for the Intro to Health & Fitness course at a discount! This class is every Saturday.

the introduction to beyond strength class:

Today’s American work out was ARMS of course! 💪 We did two giant sets with little rest and back to back. Everyone got such a pump! No one could touch their own shoulders and might need help eating later! Great job everyone. Thank you for celebrating with us. 🇺🇸💥#independenceday #merica #nodaysoff #beyondstrength

You will begin with a one on one nutritional consultation to talk about your diet. We will go over your goals and provide dietary guidelines with access to an online nutrition portal. This 4 week workout program is designed to correct imbalances and build stability in joints, increase range of motion, prepare you to make continuous progress, and reduce the risk of injury. You will meet 3 times a week with a small group and follow our customized programming.

The Strength & Conditioning Class:


This Strength and Conditioning class is the best way for anyone to achieve sustainable long lasting results. We will focus on developing strength and building muscle as a method to burn body fat and improve your health and fitness. The instructors monitor your form and guide you through every workout.