Online Personal Training with Beyond Strength!

The difference between “training” and “working out” is significant: You train to better prepare yourself to achieve a goal; a workout is simply exercising. To get results, you need to train!

If you feel like you are wasting time in the gym or don’t know where to start, you are not alone. Plenty of people go to the gym and just “work out;” they put in time, they put in effort -- but they achieve minimal results at best.

You must have a plan to achieve your goals, and Beyond Strength can provide that plan. We offer online training to help you achieve your fitness goals. Wherever you are starting and wherever you want to be, Beyond Strength can work with you to develop a program to get you there.

Beyond Strength's online training programs build a strong foundation to ensure that imbalances are corrected and that trainees can make progress without injury. Progressions will be prescribed and monitored to ensure that each person is on the right track.


With Online Personal Training you will receive:

  • Minimum of a 12 wk Customized Strength & Conditioning Program to fit your specific need

  • Unlimited access to our team of coaches with specialties in all areas of fitness

  • Bi-weekly Tips & Tricks to accelerate your progress

  • Video review of your workouts & form

  • Access to an ever growing video library of exercise demonstrations


What to expect with Online Personal Training:

After subscribing you will receive an email with a link to an intake form. This form is filled with specific questions which will help us tailor make the perfect program specifically for you goals and your starting point.

As we build your customized Strength and Conditioning program we will consider your schedule, your goals, and your current fitness level to adjust the different factors of the program to ensure the best progress possible.

  • The number of training days each week

  • The rest days each week

  • Exercise selection

  • The volume of each workout ( total Sets X Reps )

  • Rest intervals between exercises

  • Length of the workouts

  • Progressions between workouts and phases

  • and more

We will review the form and will reach out to you with any question via email or setup a video/phone call. Once we have all the questions answers it begins! We will send you your first 4wks of programing and details about how communication with our team of trainers will work.

After each 4wk phase, we will factor in our review your progress adjust the next phase of the programing as needed.