Why Strength and Conditioning?

Beyond Strength's training staff focuses on strength training because it is the most effective way for our members to get the fitness results they want. 

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That might be contrary to what you've thought to be true in the past. When people decide to "start getting healthy," the first thing they do is go for a run or participate in some other low-intensity cardio workout. That approach will yield results -- but it's not the most effective way.

For those who say "I don't want to get big or bulky!" -- you won't. Focusing on strength training yields more energy, more muscle and less fat -- and, of course, you'll get stronger -- but unless adding size and mass is your goal, it won't happen. 

Making a change and seeing results takes commitment and a desire to improve your fitness. Choose strength training classes 3-4 times per week and watch the results happen.

Reasons to Work Out

Look + feel better - Get or stay healthy - have FUN!

The first two reasons to work out are heavily influenced by how you choose to exercise, whereas the third is a direct result of the people and personalities around you.

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When it comes to physical fitness, it is important to note that some ways are more effective than others. At Beyond Strength, we use strength training as a focal point of our fitness programs because strength training yields better results quicker than an aerobic-cardio-based workout.

Beyond Strength's training staff takes that mentality one step further by designing programs with a specific goal in mind (for example, relative strength, functional strength, functional hypertrophy, hypertrophy and muscular endurance). Varying these goals ensures that our members develop in a well-rounded manner, while preventing injuries.

Anyone Can Be Average ...
— all the great people of the world

Why Strength Training for Athletes?

Strength is the foundation of all athletics. Too often, athletes see sub-par results because of an imbalance in their workouts, with too much emphasis on endurance. Endurance and metabolic conditioning are important in athletics, but they are relatively easy to acquire at a level sufficient for top performers; with strength, however, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to achieve the levels of a top performer.

At Beyond Strength, we don't neglect endurance and metabolic conditioning; rather, we design our strength and conditioning programs to maximize effort and deliver results that will have a significant impact on performance. That means focusing on developing relative and functional strength and preventing injuries.